Teaching, Learning & Assessment @ WSB

DIY Instructional Media

Instructor speaking at a laptop

DIY Instructional Media Overview The Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) utilizes SET surveys (course evaluations) to capture student perception of instructions and learning. This is one attribute of the holistic Teaching Excellence Rubric. SET Survey Questions The SET survey includes 14 questions that evaluate instruction across multiple attributes based on the “Roles of an [Online] Instructor” pedagogical […]

Tech for Teaching

What are the most commonly used tech tools for teaching at WSB? Find all the resources you need to get started here.

Peer Interaction

Students Pair & Share

Learn about strategies to enhance peer interaction and active learning in your classroom.

Student Mental Health

**Professional Program**
A webinar with WSB colleagues and campus partners. Learn about how to promote positive mental health and overall wellbeing in your teaching practice.

Digital Assets

Digital Video and PowerPoint Assets Overview Wisconsin School of Business branded video, PowerPoint, and graphic assets distinguish WSB instructional media from other content with which students interact. Incorporating branded video, PowerPoint, and graphic assets in your course materials reinforces pride in our institution, adds polish and professionalism to instructional media, fosters consistency at the course […]

Using AI in the Classroom

If you are planning on using generative AI in your course, be sure to have a clear policy for students. Find a sample AI Policy and additional resources here.

Module 0 (zero)

Discover the benefits of an orientation module in any course. Learn how to import the WSB Module 0 into your Canvas course.

Fun With Fresnel

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Important Professional Program Post

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