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Updates and New Information

  • Reminder: Syllabus Requirements for 2021

    A reminder of Course Syllabus Requirements in 2021: review new syllabus requirements on the campus website, safety guidelines, learning outcomes, send final revised syllabus, syllabus compliance reviews, textbook information

  • Notes for Summer 2021 Instructors

    For Instructors of Summer courses, here are some notes on changes that are occurring on campus and how they apply to instruction at the Wisconsin School of Business

  • Course Syllabus Requirements Spring 2021

    UW-Madison's recommended course syllabus template has been updated to outline new expectations for students and guidelines for instructors, particularly for in-person courses

  • Preparing for Instruction Spring 2021

    Six phases to guide preparation for teaching at the Wisconsin School of Business for the Spring 2021 Semester. Plan Your Course, Utilize the WSB Canvas Template, Edit the ‘WSB Module 0’ from the template, Develop a Practical Module Structure for the Remainder of the Course, Create Instructional Materials, Activities, and Assessments, Use a Checklist to Review Your Course.

  • Important COVID Updates for Spring 2021 Instructors

    Memo to all Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) instructors regarding preparing to teach resources, support, and policies for Spring 2021 from Ella Mae Matsumura, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Timely Teaching Posts

  • Introduction to the Zoom Canvas Integration

    Zoom can now be accessed from Canvas in the Canvas menu. If you have been using Zoom for a while, this feature automatically allows your students access to your Zoom meetings, gives your students to access to cloud recordings.

  • Notebooks, tablet and coffee

    Preparing for the First Day of Class

    Pre-semester prep Module 0: What would instructors like Instructors to know   Planning Course Timelines Assignments, quizzes and event dates are marked in your Canvas Calendar. View due dates and assignment groups for this course only …

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