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Re-issue your Canvas courses for the Summer

Instructors will be able to access Canvas course shells for Summer semester on April 12. Enrollment for Summer courses begins on April 4, and courses are created in Canvas one week after enrollment begins based on data from the Student Information System (SIS).

Follow these guides to re-issue your Canvas course. (Note: We recommend you combine sections before adding content to your course.)

  1. Combine multiple sections into one Canvas course. Combining the enrollments from two or more sections into one course. This is also used for cross-listed courses.
  2. Copying content from a previous instance of this course. Reissuing from a previous semester’s Canvas course to the new semester.
  3. Publish your course! Students cannot access your course until you publish it.

Wrong Canvas Role? Contact your Department Administrator

Instructors of courses need to be in courses correctly in the Student Information System, which is updated by your Department Admin.

If individuals need to be added to a course for non-instructional purposes, contact Teaching and Learning Support

Important Dates

The Office of the Registrar’s dates webpage outlines important dates, and Grading FAQ. Those anticipating the need for technical assistance should plan to contact Learn@UW and Wisconsin School of Business Teaching and Learning Support ahead of time.

Access your Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)

Updates and New Information

  • Spring 2022 Instruction Guide

    As we prepare to resume more typical campus operations this fall, including offering primarily in-person instruction, the university continues to follow COVID-19 public health guidelines and recommendations. We are committed to providing safe, effective and engaged instruction and learning.

  • 2022 Spring Instructors’ Memo from the Office of the Dean

    To all WSB Instructors from Joann Peck, Associate Dean of Teaching Innovation and Assessment. Regarding: Teach Spring 2022 – Resources, Support, and Policies. Preparation Checklist for ALL Spring Instructors.

  • Reminder: Syllabus Requirements for 2022

    A reminder of Course Syllabus Requirements in 2022: review new syllabus requirements on the campus website, safety guidelines, learning outcomes, send final revised syllabus, syllabus compliance reviews, textbook information

Timely Teaching Posts

  • Improve Course Inclusion with NameCoach in Canvas 

    “Taking the time to learn and correctly pronounce a person’s name is one simple — and important — way to respect and honor their identity,” says Gabe Javier, associate vice chancellor for student affairs in the areas of identity and inclusion.

  • Introduction to the Zoom Canvas Integration

    Zoom can now be accessed from Canvas in the Canvas menu. If you have been using Zoom for a while, this feature automatically allows your students access to your Zoom meetings, gives your students to access to cloud recordings.

  • Preparing for the First Day of Class

    Look through this list of considerations to prepare for the first day of your classes. Consider your Module 0, class schedule, communicating with students, and additional software requirements for your class