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The Teaching, Learning & Assessment team at Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) provides support to all instructional staff (i.e., faculty, lecturers, and Teaching Assistants). The Toolkit for Teaching Excellence is a central location for timely announcements, event details, self-serve teaching resources, and data related to the assessment of teaching and learning across WSB. Our goal is to help you innovate in the classroom to enhance learning outcomes for all our students. Explore our resources and support services by clicking on each area below. Still have questions or need additional support, use the “Get Support!” button below to contact us.

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Spotlight on Teaching


WSB names 2 new Teaching Professors!

On January 31 it was announced that Drs. Moses Altsech and Mark Eppli were appointed to the Teaching Professor title. This title is given to instructors who go above and beyond for their students, both inside and outside the classroom. Congratulations!

Dr. Moses Altsech, Marketing:

  • Dr. Moses Altsech has taught twelve courses over 32 years and has been at the Top 10-ranked Department of Marketing at the Wisconsin School of Business since 2016. He is the recipient of five teaching awards and numerous professional honors, for which he credits many inspiring mentors, talented colleagues, and formidable students. Moses is the faculty advisor of three UW student organizations and serves as co-Chair of the Mentoring Committee.

Dr. Mark Eppli, Real Estate:

  • Mark is a dedicated educator known for his enthusiasm and dedication to his students. He truly appreciates student curiosity and engagement and is always willing to provide career advice to students. Mark’s contributions to the Department of Real Estate and Urban Land Economics (REULE) and the Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) go beyond classroom teaching. He has been an amazing ambassador for the Wisconsin Real Estate Program raising its national visibility by connecting our students to many important industry organizations

Learn more by reading the WSB intranet post.



Teaching Excellence: A Blog

A periodic blog about teaching written by Karin Spader, PhD | Associate Director of Professional Programming.

AI generated image of human brain. Left hemisphere with glowing red color, right hemisphere glowing blue color.

Navigating the AI Wave (March, 2024)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a distant future, but a present reality impacting numerous industries, including education. Within business schools, a specific branch of AI – generative AI (GenAI) – has sparked both excitement and apprehension. Tools like ChatGPT, Co-Pilot, and Gemini offer new possibilities for teaching and learning, but also raise questions about academic integrity, employability, and the future of faculty roles.



Tech for Teaching

What are the most commonly used tech tools for teaching at WSB? Find all the resources you need to get started here.

Syllabi Review

Make sure your course syllabus meets accreditation standards. Explore campus syllabi policies and resources and learn how to submit your syllabus for official compliance review (this is a requirement at WSB).

Talking about Teaching

Join your colleagues to discuss classroom challenges, share effective teaching
practices, and innovate and create new ideas to support learning at WSB.

New Tech for Teaching

Two new tech tools for teaching are available to WSB instructors: Harmonize, an enhanced discussion platform, and Feedback Fruits, a peer evaluation tool.

Student Support Services @WSB

Learn more about WSB-specific student support services: Student Success & Policy Team, Business Badger Study Cooperative, Presenting and Writing Lab, and a video playlist of mental health resources.

Using AI in the Classroom

If you are planning on using generative AI in your course, be sure to have a clear policy for students. Find a sample AI Policy and additional resources here.

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