Preparing Final Exams

Questions about final exam policy? Here is the Midterm and Final Exam policy from the Office of the Registrar

The UW-Madison Course Success Self-Review site has step-by-step guidance and assessment alternatives to consider: Course Success: Assessment & Feedback. Also consider the School of Engineering’s Collaborative for Engineering Education and Teaching Effectiveness (CEETE) Assessment teaching resource.

Submitting Final Grades in Canvas

For courses ending on or before December 19, the following grading schedule applies to grades reported through the Faculty Center (MyUW).
  • Grade rosters will be created in the Faculty Center on Tuesday, December 14, and instructors will receive a notification email from the Office of the Registrar.
  • Final grade submission occurs from Tuesday, December 14 until Sunday, December 26 at 11:59PM. Instructions are available for transferring grades from Canvas to the Faculty Center.
  • The deadline to request an extended grading exception is Friday, December 17 at 11:59PM (for eligible courses only).
The Office of the Registrar’s website outlines the full timeline and FAQ. Please keep in mind that this year the last day to submit grades falls on a Sunday and is preceded by two holidays. For that reason, Learn@UW and Wisconsin School of Business Teaching and Learning Support will not be available to provide technical support December 24-26, which are the final three days. Those anticipating the need for technical assistance should plan accordingly.

Reissuing Your Course Content for Next Semester

Your Spring 2022 Canvas shells are now available. Here are a couple of guides to help you with the three-step process of reissuing your Canvas course. (Note: We recommend you combine sections before adding content to your course.)

  1. Combine multiple sections into one Canvas course. Combining the enrollments from two or more sections into one course. This is also used for cross-listed courses.
  2. Copying content from a previous instance of this course. Reissuing from a previous semester’s Canvas course to the new semester.
  3. Publish your course! Students cannot access your course until you publish it.

Important Dates

The Office of the Registrar’s dates webpage outlines important dates, and Grading FAQ. Those anticipating the need for technical assistance should plan to contact Learn@UW and Wisconsin School of Business Teaching and Learning Support ahead of time.

Wrong Canvas Role? Contact your Department Administrator

Instructors of courses need to be in courses correctly in the Student Information System, which is updated by your Department Admin.

If individuals need to be added to a course for non-instructional purposes, contact Teaching and Learning Support


Updates and New Information

  • WSB 2023 Spring Instructors’ Memo

    As you make final preparations for teaching this spring, please take time to review the Spring 2023 Instructors’ Memo. The Teaching and Learning Team is here to support you so please reach out to us at if you have any questions or need any help as you get ready for the start of the semester.

  • Spring 2023 Campus-level Instructional Resources

    Spring 2023 Campus-level Instructional Resources from CTLM.

  • Fall 2022 Instructional Memo

    The Fall 2022 Instructional Memo is now available; be informed about up-to-date COVID guidelines, the new campus Syllabus Template, midterm policy, make-up exam policy, and more…

  • Spring 2022 Instruction Guide

    As we prepare to resume more typical campus operations this fall, including offering primarily in-person instruction, the university continues to follow COVID-19 public health guidelines and recommendations. We are committed to providing safe, effective and engaged instruction and learning.

  • 2022 Spring Instructors’ Memo from the Office of the Dean

    To all WSB Instructors from Joann Peck, Associate Dean of Teaching Innovation and Assessment. Regarding: Teach Spring 2022 – Resources, Support, and Policies. Preparation Checklist for ALL Spring Instructors.

Timely Teaching Posts

  • Accessible Course Content Supports Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at WSB

    Support our inclusive campus culture by providing an accessible digital learning experience for your students WSB Instructors are making great strides to provide inclusive in-person learning environments. This inclusive behavior must extend into our digital …

  • Improve Course Inclusion with NameCoach in Canvas 

    “Taking the time to learn and correctly pronounce a person’s name is one simple — and important — way to respect and honor their identity,” says Gabe Javier, associate vice chancellor for student affairs in the areas of identity and inclusion.

  • Introduction to the Zoom Canvas Integration

    Zoom can now be accessed from Canvas in the Canvas menu. If you have been using Zoom for a while, this feature automatically allows your students access to your Zoom meetings, gives your students to access to cloud recordings.

  • Preparing for the First Day of Class

    Look through this list of considerations to prepare for the first day of your classes. Consider your Module 0, class schedule, communicating with students, and additional software requirements for your class