University of Wisconsin–Madison

Update Existing Course Videos

Kaltura MediaSpace

Before Teaching & Learning can edit your existing course videos, you will need to have a copy saved on your computer that you can upload to Box. 

If your videos were automatically migrated from BBCollaborate Ultra to MediaSpace, follow the instructions for downloading the video locally. 

Download the video

Instructions for downloading a video from MediaSpace apply in both MediaSpace and Canvas: 

  1. Underneath the video, click “Actions” then “Edit.”
  2. There is a menu of options underneath the video. Click the “Downloads” tab and then check the box “Source.” 
  1. In the top right corner of the video, you will see a new download icon. Click this icon to download the video. 


Schedule a consultation with a Teaching & Learning team member to discuss what you want done with your videos. You can then provide written instructions for specific cuts and media you would like to see removed or added to your videos. 

A Teaching & Learning team member will also be able to provide you with suggestions and help sharing your videos in current and future Canvas courses.


  1. Follow the link to a Box folder that a Teaching & Learning Employee creates. You can drag and drop or click “Upload” to share the downloaded Kaltura videos with T&L. Place your videos in the “Footage” folder. 
  2. When your edited videos are ready, a T&L team member will reach out to let you know. All updated videos will be in the “Final Video” folder.