Technology In This Course

Additional technology requirements the students need to prepare for your course

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The Technology in this Course page will help your students have the correct technology for your course installed and ready to use on the first day of class. Students need to know ahead of time the right software, e-texts, and basic hardware that will be required for your course. Having the correct technology on the first day will make communication between all course participants easier and more productive.

Suggested content for this page includes the name and cost of non-campus-supported software, a link to purchase it, and how much the software costs, for instance.

Resources for the Technology In This Course page

Possible information that can be included:

Video Chat links
Online textbooks or etexts
Excel or other computing resources

By including proper information in this page students may be oriented to your class

This page is one of the few that make-up Module 0.
Module 0 may allow students to be better equipped to take on the semester.
Module 0 is especially important with online instruction because the clarity of expectations is key to success and allows for students to stay up to date with material for your class.
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