Tech-TA services to prepare for the beginning of the semester

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Assistance with tailoring Module 0 to your course. Module 0 is imported into all courses in the Business School to help students be prepared for your course before the first day of class, to maximize their opportunities with you.
Here are some best practices for customizing Module 0 that Tech-TAs can help you with:

  • Shorten Module 0 in order to communicate efficiently with students. Tech-TAs know what information is available across campus and in the school, and removing this extraneous information helps your students know what is important to know specifically about your course to succeed.
    • TIP: Extraneous and duplicate information may cause students to assume that they already read the important information, or conceal what is most important. Only absolutely necessary info should be posted to avoid students from not reading it due to unneeded information
  • Module 0 can streamline the course introduction to students as well as keep the format similar among WSB classes. Tech-TAs can ensure consistency with WSB course design and instructional design principals. 
    • TIP: Inconsistent design can reduce comprehension of important content, and add cognitive load. Remember having two Learning Management Systems? It was hard. Consistency between courses makes information easier to absorb.
  • Module 0 is a uniform template across all the classes in the business school, and the benefit of this is that students will know where to find important information (e.g. syllabus, office hours times) without having to search through all the different tabs of the Canvas page.

Tech-TA services throughout the semester

  • Support for synchronous/asynchronous lectures
  • As students, we are able to provide feedback to professors about:
  • Which methods of communication we prefer
  • Which organizational formats are the easiest for students to navigate

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