Student Evaluation of Teaching


The Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) utilizes SET surveys (course evaluation surveys) to capture student perception of learning. Prior to 2020, the WSB SET survey included 43 questions that had been utilized for 15+ years. Since then approaches to and modalities of instruction have evolved, including a shift to online delivery in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Responding to these developments, a task force was established in Fall 2020 to review and contemporize the existing SET survey. The new SET survey was approved by WSB instructional faculty in August 2022. Academic year 22-23 is the first year utilizing the new SET survey, which evaluates instruction on multiple attributes across 14 questions. SET questions can be viewed in the
Download the WSB SET Survey AEFIS Template. Additional question detail can also be found below:

Access to individual SET/course evaluation results

SET surveys are administered digitally via the campus AEFIS (Assessment, Evaluation, Feedback, Intervention System.) Instructors also access results via the AEFIS system:

  1. Go to 
  2. Log in with your NetID
  3. Go to “My Course Evaluations” widget in the AEFIS dashboard, which lists the courses that were surveyed. For more details about reviewing response rates and results, please see Viewing Survey Response Rates and Results, which explains details for viewing response rates and results.

Access to WSB SET/course evaluation results

The WSB publishes a Student Evaluation of Teaching Dashboard that presents school summary and section detail reports for benchmarking purposes. The dashboard includes SET metric and response rate data.

SET data prior to Fall 2019 can be found via the resources below:

SET Survey Questions

The SET survey includes 14 questions that evaluate instruction on multiple attributes.

  • Questions 1-10 are utilized to calculate the SET metric. Each question is weighted equally on the following five-point scale: strongly disagree – strongly agree
  • Questions 11-12 are utilized to capture an “overall” perception of the course and instructor utilizing the following five-point scale: bottom 10% – top 10%
  • Questions 13-14 are utilized to capture detailed student feedback and are free-form.

Questions 1-14 are as follows:

1 Course requirements were clear to me.
2 Course organization (syllabus, course website, pace/schedule) supported my learning.
3 Course materials (textbook, readings, media, cases, software, etc.) supported my learning.
4 Course content (lectures, assignments/learning activities, discussions, peer engagement, etc.) supported my learning.
5 The instructor actively engaged me in learning throughout this course.
6 The instructor provided a welcoming environment in which to learn.
7 The instructor’s teaching methods were effective for my learning.
8 The instructor showed concern for me and my learning.
9 The instructor was accessible for questions, discussion, support, etc.
10 The instructor provided feedback on my work (assignments, learning activities, exams/quizzes, etc.) that was useful to my learning.
11 Overall, where would you place this course compared to your other university courses?
12 Overall, where would you place this instructor compared to your other university instructors?
13 Please provide comments related to this course: What was done well? How could the course be improved?
14 Please provide comments related to this instructor: What was done well? How could the instructor improve?