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Reminder: Syllabus Requirements for 2022

Syllabus template and annual syllabus collection

Please follow the steps below to ensure your syllabus complies with the new requirements set by the Office of the Provost for accreditation. Please note that syllabi that were compliant in the past may no longer comply with new requirements. The final syllabus format is up to individual instructors, but the required elements from the syllabus template must be included as part of accreditation requirements.

  1. Review the Office of the Provost instructions on Course Syllabi at UW-Madison and follow the most current UW-Madison Syllabus Template for the required and recommended elements for your course syllabi.
  2. Retrieve the most recent version of your syllabus and revise as necessary to include ALL of the new syllabus requirements, including the Badger Pledge, Face Covering Guidelines, and Quarantine or Isolation policy. To help faculty and instructors more easily create and use course syllabi, and ensure that all required elements are included, UW-Madison offers an optional, easy-to-use digital syllabus tool.
  3. Review your course learning outcomes and include them in your syllabus. Learning Outcomes should match the approved Learning Outcomes listed in LUMEN.  If not found in LUMEN, please see the WSB Learning Outcomes listing. The approved Learning Outcomes are the minimum required for the course.  Instructors may add additional outcomes, as they deem necessary.
  4. Before the first day of class, send the final revised syllabus to the department administrator to add to the WSB Syllabus Repository.
  5. Dean’s Office will conduct syllabus compliance reviews and request revisions as needed.

Information for Teaching Instructors

Instructors now have the ability to enter textbook information into the Faculty Center. This includes textbooks, materials, special instructions, and website URLs. Once displayed, this information is available to students in Course Search & Enroll.

Textbook Process

Textbook information from the Registrar

Faculty Instructions for Entering Textbooks