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What is the Module 0?wsb Module 0 for spring 2020

Module 0 is intended for your students to be prepared to participate in your course on the first day of class, knowing how you communicate, syllabus and dealines, technology requirements, and guidelines for introductions.



Module O pages for Student Orientation to your course

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Syllabus and Deadlines - Spring 2021

  • Syllabus and Deadlines – Spring 2021

    The Syllabus & Deadlines page gives students a place to access the relevant information that pertains to the class in regards to what is expected of them throughout the semester. This provides students a single location that they can go and get oriented to the class. Module 0 is provided at the top of the modules page for each course, with the Syllabus & Deadlines page being located at the beginning.

Undergraduate students participate in a group activity during a Journalism 563: Law of Mass Communication class taught by Associate Professor Kathleen Culver in Helen C. White Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on March 4, 2020. Culver, assistant professor of journalism and mass communication, is one of thirteen recipients of the 2020 Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA). (Photo by Jeff Miller / UW-Madison)

Student Learning Support

  • Student Learning Support

    The Student Learning Support page of Module 0 allows for students to easily locate other forms of help and resources that are available for the course. Resources typically include access to the McBurney Disability Resource Center, tutoring, and other study groups on campus.

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Technology in this Course

  • Technology In This Course

    The Technology In This Course page purpose is to provide students with information about extra resources that will be used throughout the class. This page serves as a single location that students can reference for information.

Samples and Templates

If you need to see examples of pages, discussions, quizzes, see Canvas examples and templates that may help you build your Module 0 and course content.

Introduction & Discussion Guidelines

The Introduction & Discussion Guidelines page in Module 0 will give students an overview of the guidelines and expectations for discussion posts. The introduction discussion will provide your students with an opportunity to introduce themselves to their classmates and the professor. This page is typically found at the bottom of Module 0.

Recording lectures

Interactions between you, course content, and your students create the learning experience. Visit the WSB Teaching and Learning guide to develop course content for online delivery to find out more.


More about Module 0

  • Considerations for delivering lectures

    Depending on how your course is delivered, you may consider different strategies for delivering your knowledge, insight, and to your students. Consider the 'Modes of Instruction' on the UW-Madison Instructional Continuity site:

  • Preparing to Teach in Different Classroom Types

    Your course will be delivered through some blend of in-person and online teaching, and there are tools and methods that you can incorporate enhance your students' learning experience.

  • Instructors: Preparing for the first day

    On the first day of class, instructors will need orientation and course materials available for students.

  • Notebooks, tablet and coffee

    Preparing for the First Day of Class

    Pre-semester prep Module 0: What would instructors like Instructors to know   Planning Course Timelines Assignments, quizzes and event dates are marked in your Canvas Calendar. View due dates and assignment groups for this course only …

  • Planning Communication

    Planning the methods of communication that will run between students and the instructor throughout the semester will make communication run smoothly. Tips for optimal communication planning: Choose one route with which to communicate announcements to …

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