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PMBA Instructor Resources

We are pleased to have you working with our Professional MBA (PMBA) students!

Important PMBA Deadlines

Please review the deadline dates below for textbook information, your syllabus, and course materials. These deadlines factor in the time needed for the program office to notify students of textbooks, as well as time for the office to procure cases, gain copyright approvals, etc. before your class begins.

TEXTBOOK DUE:                June 22, 2022

SYLLABUS DUE:                 July 13, 2022

COURSE MATERIALS DUE:    July 13, 2022

MODULE ZERO MAY GO LIVE ON:    July 13, 2022

Setting up Canvas and Publishing the Course

Please remember to make your course site live the Sunday before your class begins so students can access the class and course materials. We ask that Module Zero go live a week before the class begins. Here is a guide to publishing your Canvas course materials.

Follow these guides to re-issue your Canvas course:

  1. Combine multiple sections into one Canvas course. Combining the enrollments from two or more sections into one course. This is also used for cross-listed courses.
  2. Copying content from a previous instance of this course. Reissuing from a previous semester’s Canvas course to the new semester.
  3. Publish your course! Students cannot access your course until you publish it.

Should Instructors give ‘Pre-work’ to students?

To allow adequate time for students to complete coursework associated with their previous class, we do not encourage instructors to assign pre-work beyond that contained in Module Zero. If you have vital information to share with students prior to class, please consider a course introduction.

Our attention to providing students clear guidance on advance work is because we want them to be able to allocate that work however is best for them.

Important policies and information for teaching in the Professional MBA Program

Upload and link documents here

Face sheet with names, and NameCoach

A class directory and the photo face sheets of the students has been sent to your email for your convenience and information security. Please note that all instructors teaching courses associated with badges are responsible for creating any student teams for their respective course.

NameCoach improves honor and respect in the classroom environment

NameCoach has been added to Canvas, so correct pronunciation can be accessed within your Canvas roster. Once it is recorded, it is available for all courses. Follow the NameCoach guide, and share it with your students to improve honor and respect in the classroom environment.

Request Room Configurations and Additional Materials

Contact Lynn or Cody, or, examples of requests may include:

  • What additional course materials for your in-person teaching weekend would you like? (flip chart, post it notes, etc.)
  • How would you like your classroom set up for the in-person teaching weekend? (in pods or traditional lecture)

As a reminder, we have a technology team that can support you with any needs you may have for your course website.  Please feel free to reach out to our technology team, Doug Exum at or Boomer Boomsma at if you need assistance.

Library materials and copyrights requests

Additionally, we wanted to mention that Michael Enyart ( will be in contact with you shortly to work specifically with you about your course materials. You may work with Teaching and Learning Support to consult on best approaches to online teaching, online course materials and access, and communication strategies.

Introduce yourself at In-person Weekend

We would also like to invite you during on Saturday or Sunday, July 9th or July 10th (during the previous course in person weekend) to introduce yourself and your course. The current course is in room 2520 Grainger Hall and please feel free to arrive around 11:50 AM. Please let myself or Lynn know if you would like to take advantage of that, and if there is anything we can help you prepare. We can also arrange for a virtual welcome. You would, of course, be welcome to join us for lunch on that day as well.

If you have any questions, please contact Cody Shera ( or Lynn Snyder (