University of Wisconsin–Madison

Modes of Course Delivery

Deliver your course in the format as it is assigned

Instructors may find delivering course content challenging or intimidating when it cannot always be done face-to-face with students, or be concerned about the safety of in-person meetings (Office of the Provost’s guidance for in-person classes and meetings).

All courses at the UW-Madison School of Business have some aspect of remote learning and blended learning. Depending on the format of your course, you may seek solutions that give better advantages to your student’s ability to learn the materials.

All course types have synchronous and asynchronous course materials

Whether your course is in person or fully remote, there are opportunities to teach your students in real time, or give them the materials to learn on their own and reflect what they learned to you. It is important to match your teaching methods with the context of time and space:

  • Can lectures be watched outside of a live meeting?
  • Do students need to receive and return a physical worksheet or packet?
  • Can quizzes be securely taken outside of your presence?
  • Can teams and discussion sections communicate through a discussion board and virtual meetings?

Modes of Course Delivery with Teaching Examples

  • Remote Instruction

    Remote Instruction involves the use of technology to connect with students instead of the typical face-to-face method of teaching.

  • Lecturer Tim Buhl teaches the Marketing Strategic Pricing class in the Morgridge Auditorium on the first day of class

    Hybrid Instruction

    Courses with hybrid styles are effective when used correctly. Professors must determine if their material would greatly benefit by in-person instruction. It is popular for hybrid classes to have lectures online and small, socially-distant in person discussions.

  • In-Person Instruction

    For many instructors and students, this is the most familiar mode of instruction. Generally speaking, one credit for an in-person course section involves 50 minutes each week of in-person instruction accompanied by two hours each …