Media Production Studio


Teaching & Learning Media Production offers a full-feature studio, which is available to School of Business Faculty and Staff for their audio, video, and multimedia projects.

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A.  Light Board

Some concepts are best demonstrated by showing the process to arrive at a solution. A light board functions like a whiteboard to enable real-time problem solving, but rather than face away from your students, a camera in front of the light board captures your face to provide a more engaging experience for virtual class sessions.

C.  Green Screen

An option with endless possibilities, a green screen allows you to deliver engaging lesson plans against any background imaginable. You can present in front of a tablet annotation, transport your students to a different location or time with virtual backgrounds, or liven up your PowerPoint and other traditional class materials.

B.  Video and PowerPoint Assets

Video and PowerPoint brand assets add an extra layer of polish to course videos and communicate that materials are relevant and come from the Wisconsin School of Business. These assets provide a template for structuring and delivering information to create consistent and updatable video and presentation materials.

D.  Webcam, Tablet, and Screen Capture

Using any combination of webcam, tablet annotation, and screen recording is an easy and do-it-yourself approach for delivering dynamic course videos. In the 1320 Studio, you can achieve great lighting and real-time switching between webcam, tablet, and screen capture.