Engage Students through Instructional Video and Multimedia

By producing instructional video and multi-media, you can provide innovative ways for demonstrating your course concepts in methods that students interact with and seek out every day.

Engage Students with Dynamic and Relevant Content

Videos, graphics, and podcasts are delivery methods that students interact with and seek out every day. Establishing a consistent format with branded video assets and PowerPoint templates gives you the opportunity to find innovative ways for demonstrating course concepts.

Demonstrate Concepts with Multiple Media Styles

Think about what students need to be successful and explore media styles that demonstrate course concepts. Many instructors find that DIY webcam recordings or the green screen videos recorded in the Grainger Hall studio make captivating module and unit introductions.

Assess Learning Outcomes with Video Analytics

Video analytics provide helpful information like viewing and drop-off rates as well as top viewers and videos. From video analytics data, you can gather insights on which course content is most and least beneficial to student understanding and adjust video content meet student learning outcomes.

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Instructional Media Studio

Do It Yourself-Production: Home, Office or Studio

You can produce high-quality instructional videos in the comfort of your home, office, or Grainger Hall instructional media studio.

Learn more about Home and Office Production Learn more about Grainger Hall Studio Production

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Branded Video, PowerPoint, and Graphic Assets

Incorporating branded video, PowerPoint, and graphic assets in your course materials reinforces pride in our institution, adds polish and professionalism to instructional media, fosters consistency at the course and school level, and helps improve instructional content.

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Teaching & Learning Support provides consultation, equipment, and production for DIY or in-house multimedia projects involving audio, video, and post-production.

For questions and assistance, please email teaching@wsb.wisc.edu.