University of Wisconsin–Madison

Locate Existing Course Videos

As you prepare your Canvas courses, you may wish to use existing recordings from BBCollaborate Ultra. It is strongly recommended that you review your videos from previous semesters before placing them in your new course. 

In the process of reviewing your recordings, take note of any information that is no longer relevant, that has changed, or that is relevant and missing from the videos. Teaching & Learning can help you edit your videos for the upcoming semesters


  1. Access Kaltura MediaSpace and view BBCollaborate Ultra recordings that were automatically uploaded to MediaSpace.
  2. Click on the video you want to put in your new Canvas course. You can copy the video link, copy the video embed code, or download the video to share with Teaching & Learning in Box. 

Download the video

  1. Copy the link to the MediaSpace video to share with students in an email, announcement, or external link in Canvas.
  2. Note that the video Publishing Status must be set to Unlisted.

Copy the video embed code

  1. Copy the video embed code for students to watch directly in Canvas. You can also embed directly in Canvas.
  2. Note that the video Publishing Status must be set to Unlisted.

Download the video

Instructions for downloading a video from MediaSpace apply in both MediaSpace and Canvas: 

  1. Underneath the video, click “Actions” then “Edit”.
  2. There is a menu of options underneath the video. Click the “Downloads” tab and then check the box “Source”. 
  1. In the top right corner of the video, you will see a new download icon. Click this icon to download the video.