University of Wisconsin–Madison

Integrating Technology Into In-Person Teaching

16% of Instructors want to Integrate technology into face-to-face classes

Instructors express desire to integrate technology into the classroom. This can include Canvas surveys and quizzes, collaborative Google documents, and multimedia and lecture recordings.

Use collaborative documents during in-person discussions and meetings

Collaborative documents help students work together in small groups and teams during class-time.

    • Google Docs documents: Groups can create their own shared documents to work on during class meetings
    • Copies of documents for groups – Instructors can provide link to to a document that they would like students or student groups to duplicate and do their work on. Documents to copy can be hosted on Canvas, Google Drive, Box, etc.

Increase student engagement and get student feedback during class

Canvas surveys and quizzes, and Top Hat can be used to measure students’ understanding during class meetings. Feedback during class can help identify questions, and poll students during discussions to gauge understanding and opinions. Also use Kahoot for review sessions prior to quizzes, midterms etc.

Provide lecture handouts and PowerPoint presentations online in modules

Blended Learning Strategies: Record lectures for viewing before class so that interactivity can be maximized during in-person time

In-person meetings are opportunities for collaboration, discussion, team-work, and digging deeper into content provided before class. Lectures can be recorded and provided online; the benefits to students include lecture replay, not being interrupted or distracted from lecture spaces, and more interactive time with instructor and other students