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Increase Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) Responses

Increase your Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) Responses

Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET) is important for evaluating instructors for professional progression, course improvement, and instructor teaching. Here is advice to increase your SET responses rates from Verda Blythe, WSB Director for Assessment:

  • Log into AEFIS with your NetID credentials to complete.
  • THE SURVEY MATTERS – student feedback helps to improve the course and instructor teaching. Survey results are taken seriously by instructors, departments, and WSB.
  • THE SURVEY IS SHORT – only 13 questions. Give ~ 5 minutes in class for your students to complete the SET

Is your Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) working?

Instructors can check the AEFIS dashboard to see that students are filling out the Student Evaluation of Teaching. If the evaluation period has begun, check to see that students are filling it out in sufficient numbers.

Trouble-shooting your SET

Try the following if students are not filling out the SET in your class:

  • Check that the SET is available, running, and configured correctly
  • Ask your students if they are having trouble finding or accessing the evaluation
  • Tell students that evaluations of teaching are important to improving the course over time, as well as for evaluating faculty for career progression.

For more information about the new SET survey see the WSB Intranet post by Joann Peck, Associate Dean of Teaching Innovation & Assessment.