In-Person Instruction

For many instructors and students, this is the most familiar mode of instruction. Generally speaking, one credit for an in-person course section involves 50 minutes each week of in-person instruction accompanied by two hours each week of outside-of-class student work.

Defining Modes of Instruction and Synchronicity,
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In-Person Instruction is similar to the typical classroom settings with some variations as to how the lecture space is set up. This means that students and faculty are required to wear masks throughout the lecture and there will be distanced seating throughout the space.

A set back that instructors may face is when students can not make it to class due to health reasons. This will require flexibility and other ways of distributing lectures and information to the students that missed class.

Accommodations for students who may not be able to attend an in-person lecture:

    • Recording in-person lectures:  contact for assistance in recording your in-person lectures (Zoom and BBCollaborate Ultra)
    • Using a live video chat software (Zoom and BBCollaborate Ultra)
    • Distributing class PowerPoints or notes

In most cases, In-Person Instruction is best suited for class sizes that are relatively small to ensure there is adequate spacing between everyone.

For more information regarding safety and COVID-19 guidlenes visit COVID-19 Response.