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Improve Asynchronous Content to Complement In-Person Teaching

16% of instructors report wanting to improve their Asynchronous Content to Complement In-Person Teaching

Improving asynchronous course content can support instructors having more effective and engaging in-person class meetings.

Lecture Recordings

Record lectures to be watched at home so that in-person time can be fully leveraged for discussions and collaboration. 

Lecture recordings can help instructors teach more efficiently over semesters:

  • If lectures are used in more than one class or across semesters, instructors can focus more on interacting with their students
  • Recording content that is core theory to the course allows instructors to tailor in-person discussions on contemporary issues that change and may be more exciting and meaningful to students.

Canvas Module Structure

Use Canvas structure best practices for organization

  • Weekly Module with meaningful title (for example, Module 2: Sole Proprietorships and Limited Partnerships): 
    • What to do before class meeting, such as readings, videos, websites, and online discussion activities
    • Class materials: Powerpoints, interactive documents, 
    • What to do after class, such as discussions, group assignments, individual assignments, quizzes
  • Create Weekly online discussions for students to explore ideas, debate, collaborate, answer, recordings from lecture, class handouts or PPTs

Online quizzes and assignments