University of Wisconsin–Madison

How do I encourage healthy behaviors for students and myself?

As more classes return to in-person instruction this fall, it is important to follow health and safety guidelines. While most classes will be in person this fall, there will still be online classes that come with different considerations when delivering course content. COVID-19 has changed the higher education landscape, shifting modalities to include, and even center, online tools. Consider that students have limited access to printers. Bandwidth is stretched thin with high Internet use.

This reliance on home environments and technology to deliver a comfortable and engaging learning experience is dynamic. In response to the above scenarios, consider:

  • Limiting screen time by making printable readings available well in advance and by incorporating podcasts into your content delivery
  • Acknowledging that students’ home environments may prevent them from showing their webcam or being unmuted for the entire class–welcome technological hiccups as we all learn
  • Providing high-quality lecture videos if a student cannot attend in-person sessions as lecture capture is an inferior experience to pre-recorded, shorter videos 
  • Sharing personal media (like a video of your new baby animal!) and anecdotes that reveal more about you–infuse your course with personality and connection