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generic booksCourse DesignBackward Design (Wiggins & McTighe, 2005)
A pdf of entire book with overview of Backward Design on page 13).

Student Learning: Effective Study Skills
Helpful short article to distribute to students about effective study skills.

Active Teaching Lab Recap: Active Learning vs. Gimmicks
Active Teaching Lab thumbnail At the December 14, 2018 Active Teaching Lab, participants discussed how to ensure active learning is truly engaging and meaningful. Attendees examined active teaching practices and reflected on how the array of tools for active learning are best employed to promote meaningful learning.

UW-Madison Curriculum Development Guides
To share our knowledge with you, DoIT Academic Technology has created guides on a wide range of topics.

Article Repository: Box Folder with Many Articles Organized by Topic

A curated collection of 79 articles on teaching and learning. Topics include: Policies and guidelines (11); position, philosophical, or option pieces (6); active learning classrooms (10); learning theory (7); syllabus design (1); assessment of learning (4); backward design (4); diversity and inclusive teaching (16); ethics (3); groupwork (9); teaching techniques (2), learning outcomes (3), course design (2), blended, flipped, hybrid, online courses (1).

generic calendarEvents

UW-Madison Upcoming Events
DoIT Academic Technology provides opportunities to learn and discuss a variety of topics. This includes pedagogical discussions and technology demonstrations through Faculty Engagement programs, learning technology trainings from the Learn@UW team, on-campus sessions for Information Technology Academy scholars, and special campus events we host or co-host. See the linked calendar for upcoming events.