Strengthen your group assignments with FeedbackFruits Group Member Evaluations

Would you like to see your group projects be more successful? 

Here are two tips to improve your collaborative assignments:

Tip#1: Utilize a Project Charter. As you form the groups (or teams), have the student generate a group charter. The charter should include at least these three elements: 

  1. Defined member roles and responsibilities and who will be responsible for each. Group roles offer an opportunity for high-quality, focused interactions between group participants. Group members often function most effectively with designated roles. These roles can be instructor-assigned or established by the group members.
  2. Establish When, Where, and How the group will meet and collaborate. 
  3. Set milestones for the assigned deliverables. Consider asking for some of these intermediate milestones to be submitted for instructor or external feedback.

Tip#2: Frequent Peer Feedback. Provide opportunities for group members to provide peer feedback. These peer evaluations should be frequent. Group member evaluation provides teachers with transparent insights into the collaborative process, eliminating free-riding. This leads to a transfer of ownership of the assessment process, increased motivation, engagement, and deeper learning. 

FeedbackFruits Group Member Evaluation tool is now available for WSB courses at no additional cost. Because the tool is integrated into Canvas mid-project evaluation, as well as end-of-project peer evaluations are now easy to set up and integrated into your course grading methods.

For additional background about how to make collaborative assignments (group projects) more successful see the HBS article, “How to Help Undergraduates Work Smarter Outside of Class: Strategies to Incent Better Class Prep and Support Group Projects.” 

For more information about how to integrate these techniques using the new Canvas integrated tools contact Teaching and Learning Support (