University of Wisconsin–Madison

Ethics Toolkit

The Ethics Toolkit developed as a result of recommendations from the Ethics Across the Curriculum Project Team to provide resources for instructors who want to more intentionally bring ethics examples, cases, and other content into their courses.  This Toolkit will continue to evolve as more people use it and we gather more resources.  If you would like to discuss using any of these resources in your class, or have ideas for additions and improvements to the Toolkit, please contact Chris Dakes.

Framework for ethical decision making (developed by Rick Marolt and Laura Grossenbacher)

Rubric for assessing student ethical reasoning abilities (from AAC&U Value Rubrics)

Ideas Worth Teaching (Aspen Institute’s tightly curated resource set for business faculty to “drag and drop” cases and discussion tips into course plans)

Ethics Unwrapped (from University of Texas-Austin McCombs School of Business)