Student-Student Interaction

In-Person Discussions:

It has been a while since students have had the opportunity to learn in a face-to-face setting, and discussions will be different than when online.

Participation will be key for success in discussions. 

  • Online discussions were an obstacle that we are happy to transition away from.
  • It is understandable that students will be shy when first getting back to in-person discussions.
  • There will be a strong emphasis on the social safety of all students to create a positive environment where all students feel comfortable participating.

The first few discussions will be lenient with participation, however; once students are accustomed to the format of the discussion, participation will be strongly emphasized.

Web Meeting Discussions

All web meeting platforms listed have screen sharing capabilities and whiteboards for group brainstorming. You can create local or cloud Zoom recordings

Integrate recordings directly in Canvas with Zoom.

Use Teams for video conferencing. Teams has its own recording and streaming platform called Microsoft Stream. 

Written Discussions & Feedback

Use discussion boards like Canvas or Padlet during web meeting discussions or as a supplement. Give discussion post feedback via an announcement, reply, recorded video, or synchronous online meeting. 

Students can contribute to documents, slides, graphs, and ideas individually or in teams using OneNote and Google Drive