University of Wisconsin–Madison

Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) Reports

Digital Course Evaluation Results via AEFIS

Reports based on the new proposed standard Wisconsin School of Business Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) survey–also known as “Course Evaluations”–are available through AEFIS. The categorized aggregate data, namely the school-wide report, is not yet available in AEFIS. These reports are principally found on the AEFIS Report Dashboard in the Survey and Course Evaluation Reports section.

Previously three reports were made available from the results of the paper-based evaluations: 1) the individual instructor/course evaluation results, 2) a summary report listing all school instructors surveyed, and 3) a school-wide report of averages by instructor and course categories. For continuity, here are instructions for finding similar reports in AEFIS.

1) Individual instructor and course evaluation results report

Viewing Survey Response Rates and Results for Instructors – (How-To-Guide)
This guide describes how instructors can view response rates and access the results of their AEFIS course evaluation surveys from their AEFIS Dashboard.

Student Course Evaluation Results by Instructor Report – (direct AEFIS link)
View course evaluation results by course section for an individual instructor. Includes average and st. dev for each question in the survey template. The report can include comments. This report does not include the calculated metric. (See Summary report for the calculated metric.)

Additional Guides

AEFIS offers several reports, as a way of analyzing responses to course evaluations. These guides explain the structure and context of these reports and provide links to detailed pages for each course evaluation report. Below are links to the informational KB documents for each report currently recommend for instructor use.
Course Evaluation Analysis by Instructor Report
Course Section Trend Analysis Report
Student Course Evaluation Comments Analysis Report
Student Course Evaluation Metric Trend Analysis Report

2) Summary report listing of instructors

Course Evaluation Analysis Report for Admins– (How-To-Guide)
This guide explains how to navigate the report options, and how to run and read the resulting report.

Course Evaluation Analysis – (direct AEFIS link)
Analysis of course evaluation results at school, department, course, or section level aggregation. Select the “Student Course Evaluation” survey type and the “Course Section” aggregate level for the most complete report, including the calculated metric. By following the “Results” Action link a nice graphical report is generated which includes the calculated metric for the course section and the comments

3) School-wide report with categorized instructors and courses

(This report is not yet available in AEFIS)