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WSB branded video assets distinguish WSB videos from other content with which students interact. Adding branding to videos and other media adds value to your course, reinforces pride in our institution, and amplifies the WSB brand.

Branded video assets include a short intro and outro to bookend your videos, UW crest watermarks, transitions, and templates to provide the names and other information about guest speakers in upper lower and upper thirds of the video. Each video asset serves a unique purpose.

How to Use Video Assets

Video of video intro with multicolor chevrons and WSB logo

Intros and outros bookend your videos, helping students prepare for and process the learning experience.

Video of speaker with a lower third displaying speaker name and job role

Lower and upper thirds display speaker information that is helpful for students to see alongside the speaker.

Video of speaker with a transition revealing a PowerPoint title slide

Transitions indicate tonal and topic changes in content when a video covers more than one concept.

Why You Should Use Video Assets

Communicates Pride and Professionalism

WSB branded video assets add an extra layer of polish to your videos. Though the effort to employ video assets is minimal, they show that we go the extra mile to develop course materials.

Branded video assets inform students that course materials are current, instilling trust in our institution to provide a top-notch educational experience.

Fosters Consistency

Branded video assets communicate the WSB brand and create a consistent style across videos so that even recordings from different semesters or instructors are cohesive. With a consistent video format, students are able to quickly orient themselves to course content.

Video assets are designed to be interchangeable, so that a lower third can be easily swapped with an upper third, for example, and assets can be updated over the years as our brand messaging evolves.

Improves Course Content

Students interact with online materials now more than ever, often switching between course content and outside resources. Adding branded assets to videos lets students know that the content they are interacting with comes from the Wisconsin School of Business.