Preparing Course Content

Before the Semester begins

Getting your Course Assignments and roles in SIS

Before each term, courses are assigned to instructors by their Department Administrator through the Student Information System (SIS). If you do not see a course you are teaching this term in Canvas, you should contact your Department Administrator. If you do not see a course assigned to you, contact your Department Admin to add you through SIS, so that you can receive Instructor Evaluations at the end of the semester through AEFIS, which is important for professional review.

Finding your Courses

Your courses may be easiest to find in the Canvas ‘All Courses’ page. Course content will have to be added to empty Canvas course spaces (sometimes called course shells). Here is a guide to quickly get up and running, Teaching & Learning Support is always available to assist you with whatever course content support you may need at

Syllabus Requirements

There are certain syllabus requirements all instructors must follow and are explained in this link further: new syllabus requirements.


Re-issue your Canvas course

Follow these guides to re-issue your Canvas course. Reissue your Canvas course.

Canvas Course import settings

Instructional Guidance from the Provost

COVID Continuity of Instruction has been transitioned to the Office of the Provost, please visit the Office of the Provost’s Fall 2022 instructional guidance.