University of Wisconsin–Madison

Course Overview and Syllabus in Module 0

What is the purpose of Course Overview and Syllabus within Module 0?

Course Overview is the first thing students will see when entering a course, so it is vital to have it concise and helpful to students

  • Since the Course Overview quickly summarizes the Syllabus in the context of your course in Canvas, it displays what the student can expect to experience in it over the semester, and set the tone for clear communication.
  • The Course Syllabus contains almost all of the information to complete Module 0 and is organized to help students locate necessary information to be prepared for the semester.

Module 0 does not replace the syllabus

  • Module 0 should only contain information needed for students to successfully participate in the course and use the instructional materials. The syllabus is still needed for detailed information such as university policies and resources.
  • Module 0 is meant to make life easier for students by putting the important information they need into one easily navigable location.

Module 0 should be the student’s main place to go for information, however, if their question is not answered with the module, the syllabus should be the next place to go

  • If all else fails, the students should refer to professors and teaching assistants.