University of Wisconsin–Madison

Student Evaluation of Teaching

The Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) uses course evaluation surveys to capture students’ perceptions of the learning process. The WSB uses a standardized digital course survey administered through AEFIS, the campus’ assessment management system. The Office of the Provost provides additional information about other Student Learning Assessments.

Current Student Evaluation of Teaching

Instructors can view detailed results for your course(s) in AEFIS. Once logged in, go to “My Course Evaluations” widget in the AEFIS dashboard, which lists your courses that were surveyed. The campus KnowledgeBase article explains details for viewing response rates and results. As a reminder, course evaluation results should remain anonymous.

WSB Student Evaluation of Teaching Dashboard contains the school Summary and Section Detail aggregate reports which are based on AEFIS SET metric and response rates data.

Previous Semester Student Evaluation of Teaching

Older course evaluation dashboards and reports are currently available in the following areas:

WSB is Developing a New Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) Standard

The WSB experimented with a new standard Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) survey during the Summer 2021 term, and this pilot will be extended through the 2021-22 academic year. The Fall’21 data is the first full semester report from the pilot SET survey. As the pilot continues, reporting will be refined to meet the needs of WSB, and analysis of old vs new SET + instructor feedback will be provided.