University of Wisconsin–Madison

Considerations for delivering lectures

Creating and delivering course lectures

Depending on how your course is delivered, you may consider different strategies for delivering your knowledge, insight, and to your students. Consider the ‘Modes of Instruction’ on the UW-Madison Instructional Continuity site:

In-Person Instruction Hybrid Instruction Remote Instruction Online Instruction
Advantage: Responsive, interactive, connectedness Hybrid Advantage: Remote Advantage: Adv
Challange: Extremely temporal and spatially dependent, once it’s over, it’s gone, limited time and distance Hybrid Challange: Remote Challange: Online Challange:

Based on what mode of instruction your course is will help shape your instructional methods and the tools that you choose to meet the learning needs of your students. Consider that, in the Blended Learning Model, synchronous meetings (in-person or online) are opportunities for instructor-to-students and student-to-student learning interactions, while lectures can often be recorded to allow students

  • flexibility of when and how to watch
  • opportunity to re-watch or rewind
  • be prepared to discuss lecture material in-class
  • provide better technology access than doing a lecture live
  • can be reused across semesters