Being Responsive to Students

Implementing virtual assessments may create additional uncertainty, stress, and questions for students who are less comfortable with virtual assessments compared to in-person assessments. For this reason, it becomes increasingly important to respond to student questions …

Preparing Students for Assessments

Students feel most confident in taking assessments when they are prepared for them in advance. In addition to preparing students for the content of the assessments, instructors should provide information to students about the format …


Instructor needs to prepare assessments for semester so that they can assess learning throughout the semester, give feedback to students, and be confident that assessments are secure and connected to outcomes, whether in person or online, high or low-stakes.


The Assignments and Gradebook in Canvas can be configured to automatically grade, weight (assignment groups), and give instructors feedback about their student’s  performance on assignments and in the course overall. Find out more about the Canvas Gradebook and how it can be used to show and hide grades, such as publishing a midterm after you’ve graded it.

Preparing Quizzes, Exams, Midterms, Finals

Assessments help instructors both know how students are learning, and that they are meeting the requirements of the course. New challenges in assessing student knowledge require the adoption of tools and strategies; with some preparation and flexibility, you can have strong assessments that students will find familiar and fair.