University of Wisconsin–Madison


  • Accessible Course Content Supports Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at WSB

    Support our inclusive campus culture by providing an accessible digital learning experience for your students WSB Instructors are making great strides to provide inclusive in-person learning environments. This inclusive behavior must extend into our digital …

  • WSB Student Success Coach

    The WSB Student Success Coach, Lucy Armentano, works individually and in groups with students to support them in meeting and exceeding their personal and academic goals. 

  • Fall 2022 Instructional Memo

    The Fall 2022 Instructional Memo is now available; be informed about up-to-date COVID guidelines, the new campus Syllabus Template, midterm policy, make-up exam policy, and more…

  • Reissue your Canvas course

    Follow this three-step process to re-issue your Canvas course. 1. Combine multiple sections into one Canvas course. 2. Copying content from a previous instance of this course. 3. Publish your course!

  • Get immediate, comprehensive feedback using TopHat

    TopHat is now FREE for instructors and students. Ask detailed questions and get immediate, comprehensive feedback which includes everyone in the course.

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